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January 23, 2017
laptop computers
January 23, 2017

Laptops were developed as a specialized computer for the military, police and fire services who needed portable computing power. But soon we all saw the benefits of a smaller, portable computer. Now you see them everywhere, particularly in coffee shops as users seek a caffeine stimulus and a change of scene.

As the capability of laptop notebook computers has developed their range of uses and applications have grown exponentially.

Originally they only had basic word processing and data processing functionality. They were very much an extension to a home computer. Now they are fully functional computers in their own right. So much so that many users only use a laptop for their computing needs.

Longer battery life, massive memory and processing power along with large, high resolution screens make the modern device a truly impressive machine.

So when you’ve finished your work for the day, open your screen and relax.

Go to the Movies

Many laptops have built in DVD players, so movie buffs can relax and watch a great film. Slip on the headphones and catch up on a film. This can actually make commuting enjoyable.
You don’t actually need a DVD. YouTube has become a favourite source of entertainment. Many TV stations offer streaming of their shows to online viewers.

Play Games

These can be games that have been bought and loaded onto your computer. The choice is enormous and many of the top games outsell movies. And don’t think they’re just for kids. There’s a game for every age, interest and skill level.
Again it’s the online gaming community that offers so much more for the PC user. Massive online games like World of Warcraft attract thousands of players.
The graphics and realism of games continues to develop attracting more and more players.

Check Out Your Photos

Photography has been revolutionized with digital cameras, cell phones and the photo editing software available on computers. With a little practise anyone can crop, edit and transform ordinary photos into something special.
They can then be viewed on the laptop or uploaded to photo sharing sites for friends and family to see. No more photo albums or the expensive processing of film.

Listen to Your Music

Music can now be with you wherever you go. Laptops have become the mother-ship for iPods and cell phones. Personalized mixes for any mood or occasion are so easy to create and so professional in their sound.
By adding music to your videos and photos a whole new visual experience can be created.

Move over Steven Spielberg

Editing your own video can be a stretch for some notebook computers, but the more powerful machines can cope easily. Slick looking videos can be created for personal viewing and uploading to YouTube.

Fancy Reading a Book?

Thousands of books are freely available online. They can be downloaded easily and read at leisure. Better still audio versions can be listened to and your eyes rested.
Notebooks computers have proven their versatility and worth again and again. As technology improves they’ll get smaller and smaller and better and better.

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