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January 23, 2017
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January 23, 2017

Here’s a fast guide to the essential specifications needed on a computer for most users.

A Core 2 Duo Processor

This will easily handle word processing, e-mail, spreadsheets, and power points. You’ll also get longer battery life.

At Least 2GB of Memory

Multi-taskers need at least 2GB of memory. Less memory means slower work and frustration. If you want more than 3GB, then upgrade to a 64-bit operating system.

A Spare Battery

How many times have you been working on something and you’ve run out of battery power and there’s no power outlet you can use? Consider buying a higher capacity battery to give you more working time.

13.3-inch to 14.1-inch Widescreen

These screen sizes combine high resolution with portability. The picture quality is excellent and is much easier on your eyes than smaller, low resolution screens.
Larger screens mean bigger, heavier notebooks that may be too heavy for comfortable carrying.

120GB to 160GB Hard Drive

It’s amazing how quickly you use up your memory space. So get more than you think you’ll need.
If you store music and photos then this becomes an essential choice. Just check the spin speed, so you can retrieve files quickly.

Touchpad or Pointing Device – You Choose

Laptops don’t usually come with a mouse. Instead they have a touchpad or pointing device/joystick. Moving your finger across the pad moves the cursor on the screen. Most people prefer a touchpad and find them easier to use. Some like a pointing device. Some notebooks have both if you can’t decide. I find them slow and only use them when I’m too lazy to connect my portable mouse.

Multiple USB Ports

Make sure you get a least 2 USB ports. You’ll need one for your portable mouse, and then there’s your iPod, camera and so on.


Give yourself the ability to connect to the internet wherever and whenever you want to. Buy a laptop with wireless capability and enjoy the freedom. Add Bluetooth too so you can connect to your other devices without having to search for cables.
That was quick, but it gives you the key specifications for versatile notebooks computers that should work well for most users.

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